The Long Road Back.

Since 2010 when I started really competing in running events I have seen a gradual increase in my ability and performances, I went from podiums and victories in triathlon and 5k road races to marathons, Ultra marathons and finally Skyrunning Ultramarathons.

There is no doubting it that I used and abused not only my body but my family over this time in my quest for the next challenge, racking up some 36 podiums from 45 race starts since 2010. However, at some stage you always have to “pay the piper so to speak” and that is exactly what happened in 2015.

Over raced, over reached and having put my family 2nd place to running for many years’ things finally broke down. Rather than just one thing, incident or injury it was a combination of these factors happening in succession throughout 2015 and the beginning of 2016 that would be the event that made me realise change was needed.


Aussie Aussie Aussie

So after some serious time out of racing, and having finally had my light bulb moment, I now have a new plan and a renewed fire burning inside me to start the long road back to the top of international running competition…BUT this time it will be different.

No longer will I fall victim to the trap of racing every weekend, over committing and choosing running over family at every turn. Balance will be the light that leads the way in my new quest towards the top with my passion for the mountains and love for my family the fuel I will burn.

It won’t be easy, that is for sure. I will need to be disciplined, transparent & organised if I plan to balance a healthy marriage, a “crazy as a cut snake” 2 year old and bright new career with performance running. It will be mean that I will have to sacrifice sleep, train at obscure times and in poor conditions, but that is just way it needs to be. It also means that I won’t be able to race every weekend as some do but at the same time you can be certain that when I do I will be bringing my A game and a hunger like no other every time.


Family Fun Day

So from here where to go….well a simple motto really. Once all the work is done at the end of each, my daughter asleep and my wife smiling I ask myself….”What did I do today to positively contribute to my journey back to the top?” and if the answer is Nothing….then I get out there and do it!

At the end of the day you have to do more than just want it!!!


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