In Sickness and in Health

In hospital with my little trail princess...such a trooper

In hospital with my little trail princess…such a trooper

As I sit here expelling this demon from my nasal canal and rasping its presence from my chest with every cough I cant help but wonder how my love affair with running, sport and exercise is at times like that of a good marriage. There are (like a marriage) good times, hard times, moments of joy,  and sometimes of despair. Also like a good marriage the strength of the bond is always at its strongest after its been tested at its weakest. You have to take the good with the bad, trust and love one another because in the end (with a little work) things will always get better!!

The last few weeks have been terrible…both on the family front and on the running front. My daughter spent a few days in hospital (she is okay now) then my wife and I got very sick and then I got even sicker with a “demonic” chest infection. The result has been 4 weeks completely off running either too worried (at the hospital) to contemplate running or too physically ill to move. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks completely bed ridden, unable to move, unable to eat. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but not in the good way…my quads look like pencils and my upper body like that of a 5yr old boy. Running has been the furthest thing from my mind.

Now slowly on the mend and with an end to the sickness in sight I fear that my goal of replicating last years Buffalo Stampede Ultra success is all but gone, nothing but a fading candle burning to the end of its wick. Its disappointing to say the least, I excelled beyond my expectations last year off minimal training and was really looking forward to testing my talent against a raft of international blow ins and local icons looking for redemption. But it will not be!

However all is not lost, I am committed to the race in one way or another so I will be there! The question is how can I make it benefit me the best?

With the World Trail Championships the next candle burning down the tunnel I need to figure out which race distance or combination of distances (did someone say “slam”?) is going to be the best training. Besides I am pretty sure amongst all the suffering last year that I left a tiny bit of my soul on the course….and I want it back!

Totals last few weeks.

Week 1: 48km

Week 2: 54km

Week 3: 0km

Week 4: 0km

Run Hard, Shine Bright

Caine Warburton



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