Speed and Smiles

I love my daughter, I love my wife, I love good coffee and when it comes to running I LOVE TO RUN FAST!!.

The last week-ish has seen a welcome return to speed in my program, focusing on economy and getting back to my roots as a fast runner not just a hiking mountain junkie. While it may not appear the best training for the Buffalo Stampede Ultra you might be surprised. As I found out last year the Buffalo race is actually much more runnable than it looks and this was something I felt I didn’t do very well last year (the runnable bits). So lets see if this works?

Atop Mt Bally on the GC

Atop Mt Bally on the GC

Sunday: 2.5hrs/ 17km/ 1500mv
Fun scrambley/ exploring run finding a new summit in my back yard with good mate Dave Coombs

Monday: 73min/18km/133mv
Nice pre work roll out, feeling the flow today.

Tuesday: 64min/15.4km/121mv
Speed session – 5x5min with float recoveries.

Wednesday: 62min/14km/321mv
Undualating recovery run on tired legs

Thursday: 60min/10km/ 0mv
Track session: mix of 400/800 cycles float recovery’s – real lung buster this one. first time running under 3min pace in while.

Getting out with old team mate Dave Coombs

Getting out with old team mate Dave Coombs

Friday: 50min/10km/112mv
Recovery run with family pushing pram…quality time

Saturday/Sunday Rest

Monday: 2:55/40km/ 338mv
Long road run reminding my legs what big km’s feel like.

Tuesday: 50min/12km/130mv
Nice recovery run just rolling the legs out from yesterday.

Wednesday: Strength Training – Rest

Thursday: 2hrs/14km/1700mv
Very steep hills: Run up moderate and very easy down taking it gently on the silly knee.



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