Finding the grove – Training week 1


Okay so after a decent amount of time off and a few weeks mucking around running as I wish I am back on the program with Super Coach Andy. Its not been easy both time wise and fitness wise. Throw into the mix Christmas and a new shift working job it’s going to take a few weeks to feel the grove before I really start to churn out the training I need for Buffalo in April.

Friday 19th December – 10.7/143m/45min
Easy recovery run with pram

Saturday 20th December – 31km/2257m/4hrs
Double Mt Warning with Ben, Andy & a 4kg pack, felt okay but slowing towards the end. Really enjoyed this run both for the company and the views atop the mountain.

Sunday 21st December – 19.7km/2000m/4hrs
Double Mt Barney with Ben & 5kg pack, felt great today once warmed up didn’t fade as much as yesterday but was lots of steep induced hiking today. Again really cool to scout out the terrain that the upcoming Mt Barney Sky Race will be held on. For those who can appreciate it we somehow managed to run down SE ridge without dying….the closest thing we have to European Sky Race terrain in the country.


Monday 22nd December – 13km/1000m/90min
Easy trail hills @ the local stomp (Bonogin). Felt pretty good mix of hike and run and finished feeling strong.

Tuesday 23rd December – Rest
Work shift no time to get out.

Wednesday 24th December – Strength
Strength work nothing else, legs feel good but work times didn’t work for running

Thursday 25th December – 9km/0m/45min
Easy run with pram and strength work again couldn’t get out for proper run.






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