Training 3rd – 9th October

Gold Coast Hinterland Views

Gold Coast Hinterland Views

Friday 3rd October

Saturday 4th October
Runnable trail hills with 2x 30min hard tempo efforts. Legs felt good from the extra rest this week.


Sunday 5th October
Went looking for the steep hills today and with a heavy 4kg pack. I am trying to teach my body to be more energy efficient so I went out with no breakfast or gels just a little electrolyte in my bladder. Lasted about 3hrs before things got messy and the last 20min was painfully slow. Happy days.


Sunday Long run fun

Sunday Long run fun

Monday 6th October
60min Easy recovery ride

Tuesday 7th October
Track session: 8km pyramid session between 800-3200m. Legs could still feel the long run in them and took a long time to warm up. Still very happy to punch out some of my faster 800s in a while.


Wednesday 8th October
Technical trail run. Legs felt very very average at the start but warmed up and ended up finishing off quite strong. Ankle still holding me back a bit on the descents, hope to have this cleared up by Hong Kong.


Thursday 9th October
30min worth of hard up hill reps. Took the descents easy again as the ankle still not playing the game. Started off feeling terrible but somehow pulled myself through the session and maintained good splits on all reps! Great session


Motivation on a I can slap myself in the face when I am lazy

Motivation on a hand…so I can slap myself in the face when I am lazy

Running Totals
Nice consistent week, nothing special but some solid sessions and a decent long run making this one of the better weeks in a while. After a few dark weeks motivation wise I have the fire back and look forward to pushing some limits shortly. Hong Kong in a few weeks will be interesting as I am not really in top shape and carrying the ankle issue is a little worrying, time will tell.


Happy Running

Caine Warburton


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