Training 1st – 7th September

1st September
Rest day


2nd September
Speed session – 2k,2x(1600,1200,800,400). Pretty solid session and great to practice threshold pace.

3rd September
Easy run on Mt Coot-tha enjoying the faster trails.



4th September
7×3 min steep hill reps. First decent hill session in a while felt pretty good.

5th September
Rest Day

6th September

Nerang 20km trail race (1:21) + easy cool down. Managed to pull out a win and a course record which was surprising given current form.

Back up run in afternoon with Pram on Road hills. Very tough legs smashed.

What a day!!!

What a day!!!

7th September
Long run on trails, massive bonk and nearly crawled home on hands and knees.


On paper my best week since returning from Europe but still have a lot of work to do on the long run side of things and really need to get that up around 4hrs. Happy to pick up another win and lower the CR at the Nerang series which are a fast set of races given I wasn’t going flat out. Body is holding together but I can tell I have been training again.


As always my training program is put together  and tweaked by Andy from Mile 27 Training.



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