Training – 25th-31st August

Smile inducing trail!!

Smile inducing trail!!

25th August
Easy shuffle/run to roll the legs out after the win in the New Caledonia International Marathon yesterday. Some tight spots in there but overall not bad given the lack of preparation leading in.

26th August
Rest – Travel day back home.

27th August
Longer trail run, felt good at the start but almost a walk home, think the marathon is still lingering perhaps.

28th August

29th August
Busy day with work and baby so no run just Strength work

30th August
Long run on trails with good mate Ben Duffus. Most vert since coming back from Europe. Still a long way off being strong but you have to hurt if you want get better.

31st August
Back up long run on slightly less vertical trails. Feeling a bit of fatigue from yesterday and was slow towards the end.

Pretty average week really with a lot of rest in there and runs slower than usual but happy to be back in the trails and start working towards my next major goal the Hong Kong 50k. Still not got that pep back in my legs I am looking for but I am sure I will find it in the coming weeks.  Just got to listen to the body and focus on the big picture. *As always my training program is put together (and in this case rejigged) by Andy from Mile 27.

Testing out the new On/Off top from Compressport

Testing out the new On/Off top from Compressport


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