Training 14-23/08/2014

Thursday 19km/830m/1:42:00
5x5min hard up easy down hill reps. With flatter races coming up these where on a more runnable hill. Felt pretty average in the warm up but came good once the fast running started. Felt my lack of recent training in the last two efforts.

Friday 34km/390m/2:20:00
Longer run with 4x15min marathon pace efforts over hills. Felt okay today, managed to hold about a good avergage over some decent road undulations for the efforts. Minimal hamstring tightness so hoping things are coming good there.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday 22km/800m/2:07:00
Failed long run, was ment to be 4hrs but hammy tightness returned and casued me to pull the pin early. Stregnth work in the afternoon.

Monday – Rest hammys still tight

Tuesday 12km/0m/60min
Track work: 20x 400m with 30sec recovery. Things were a bit tight in the warm up but they didnt get any worse. Very happy I was able to knock this session out given the last few days. Avg 1:16 a rep, holding back a bit due to the hammys.

Wednesday 17km/800m/1:30:00
Easy 90min exploring run on Mt Cootha in Brisbane. Nice to mix up the training grounds and explore new places. Felt good today so that means I probably went a little easy on yesterdays track session.

Thursday 22km/200m/1:28
2x15min at marathon pace. Final marathon pace session before Noumea Marathon on weekend. Had a massive head wind today which was toughand made the splits a bit slower.

Friday 15km/150m/60:00
Easy run on Noumea Marathon course.

Saturday – Rest

Nerang Forest Trail Co.

Nerang Forest Trail Co.

Well the last week of training has been been the best since Europe but still a little hit and miss. I think I am starting to get the hammy issues from Europe/Ice Trail under control but it is still a day by day battle. There have been some glimers of previous form in there so once my body can handle some consistant training I should come back into decent form quickly.

Noumea Marathon is tomorrow, its quite hilly with 2 major climbs on each of the 3 laped course. My main goal is to run strong and finsih feeling good as this race will be an indicator as to if I will be ready for Surf Coast 100k in 3 weeks or not and help make my final descion. Its a pretty strong feild for Noumea with about 6-8 guys who should all run under 2:40 and a few Japanese who have PB’s well under 2:30. Here’s hoping the hills and what looks like rain will play in my favor.

As always my training has been hand crafted by the infamous Andy DuBois from Mile 27 Training.

Family affair - Nerang Forest Trail Races

Family affair – Nerang Forest Trail Races


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